“Corona del Mar Physical Therapy has a very positive, upbeat atmosphere. I received professional and expert care with very positive support. I feel great!! Therapist provided good guidance and information to take home and continue my progression.”

~ Kevin M.

“Corona del Mar Physical Therapy is very clean with kind, professional staff and great knowledge of my type of injury. The team explains the therapy needed very well, making it easy to understand. I have watched them with a myriad of patients and with each, they give personalized and individualized attention. Excellent place!”

~ Kim H.

“Having been to other clinics, I can say that this is a nice clean facility with sociable, intelligent staff who provide hands on therapy. I appreciate the positive energy from the staff and am extremely satisfied with my treatment and results.  Keep up the good work – I will be sending referrals to you!”

~ Christine D.

“I live close by Corona del Mar Physical Therapy and have heard good things from my friends and doctor. I was pleased with the helpful, friendly and personal attention. I was most impressed with my therapist’s knowledge, how he explained things clearly and his genuine concern on figuring out the best treatment for me.”

~ Fred C.

“Corona del Mar is an attractive facility with a friendly staff. I can easily measure my progress by how much easier I can function now. It feels like family here – you all do a great job!”

~ Joan A.

“The staff at Corona del Mar is super friendly and worked with my difficult work schedule. It is far better than the other clinics I have been to. Justin really listened and worked very hard to focus on my unique needs and circumstances. I was completely satisfied!”

~ Cherish C.


“This is the most professional facility. I have been returning to this facility for various diagnoses for years. I always get wonderful care from the well-trained therapists. Do what is recommended and you will succeed.”

~  Susan K.

“I am very pleased with my course of treatment at Magnolia Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehab Center. The staff work as a team, not only knowledgeable but intuitive and know when to push and also when not to. I have been to several other clinics and although good, Magnolia is superior!”

~ Gina N.

“My first impression was a very clean, open, airy facility with caring staff. Everyone was very encouraging, explaining exercises and therapy clearly so that everything was done correctly. The heated aquatic saline pool is a proven remedy for all joint pain, muscle spasms, etc. Having a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant supervise aquatic programs is marvelous and extremely helpful to all who attend the group pool exercise programs.”

~ Allison M.

“My Home Health Physical Therapist recommended Magnolia Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehab Center to me. The staff is very efficient, supportive and friendly. I plan to continue with the Maintenance Program and with some Aquatic Therapy Classes which are not available at other PT clinics.”

~ Jerry P.

“The Aquatic Therapy Pool was recommended to me by my Home PT. I felt welcomed and that I would be in good hands. I couldn’t have had a better rehab experience than the one I experienced with Magnolia Physical Therapy. Thank you for all your assistance and expertise.  You have enabled me to return to a fully functioning condition.”

~ Cherie B.

“Magnolia Physical Therapy is better than any other place I’ve been. I recommend it to others all the time. Everyone here is friendly and courteous and professional. It has been a positive experience from beginning to end. The bottom line is I feel so much better!”

~ Pat S.


“I walked into Laguna Beach Physical Therapy and saw how helpful the staff was with all the patients. I was very impressed. I came in thinking I’d never be able to walk normally or even not walk again. After encouragement from all the staff, guidance and all around hard work, I am able to walk. Thank you all so much.”

~ Fernando C.

“Laguna Beach Physical Therapy is a happy, professional place. My pain has disappeared and I have been able to resume all my previous activities. The environment creates an attitude of positive healing. A+ to all the staff.”

~ Carroll B.

“The staff is excellent – the instruction clear and concise. I have been here many times and I would highly recommend Laguna Beach Physical Therapy.”

~ Allison C.

“What I liked best about Laguna Beach Physical Therapy is the smiling, caring staff and how they would answer my questions and give good explanations. If you come here with an open mind, follow the program designed for you, the therapists, and staff will send you out of here on the road to recovery and they make it fun to heal.”

~ Karen D.

“While providing excellent care, the staff of Laguna Beach Physical Therapy is exceptional in the manner they work together making sure all patients are being cared for and their camaraderie is really fun.”

~ Pauly K.

“I would highly recommend Laguna Beach Physical Therapy. The professional and caring staff has helped me to overcome my back pain and begin exercising again. I love the people who work here and thank them for their kindness and dedication.”

~ Betsy J.

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