Meet our Therapists

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Corona Del Mar Physical Therapy
Welcome to Corona Del Mar Physical Therapy,
my name is

  • Heather Ritchie, PT

  • Jeff Fracalosy, DPT

  • Lexie Buttle, BS – PT Aide

  • Michael Fernandez, BS – PT Aide
Magnolia Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehab Center
Welcome to Magnolia Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehab Center,
my name is

  • Dean Takiguchi, MPT, OCS

  • Mai Studebaker, DPT

  • Andrew Yorke, MPT

  • Angie Mar, MS, BS

  • Marlon Flores, BS-Office Manager

  • Amanda Wilhoit

  • Ryan Hatanaka, Physical Therapy Aide

  • Jason Duong, Physical Therapy Aide

  • Mike Ryan, B.S., Aquatics Instructor
Laguna Beach Physical Therapy
Welcome to Laguna Beach Physical Therapy,
my name is

  • Kern Haug, PT-Clinic Director

  • Alisa Sanchez, PT

  • Christie Torti, MSPT, OCS

  • Jeff Fracalosy, DPT

  • Mary Crompton, OTR, CHT

  • Brian Fracalosy, BA-Business Manager

  • Maria Morales, BA-Office Manager

  • Denise Ullery, B.S. Office Assistant/PT Aide

  • Daniel Towey, BS-PT Aide

  • Sarah Dempsey, B.S., Physical Therapy Aide

Human Resources

Human Resources
Hello, my name is

  • Michelle Edwards

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